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Millennials: What Corporate Boards Need to be Thinking About

Millennials are taking over the world! Ok, not quite but by 2020 (only three years away) they will represent 50% of the global workforce according to PWC. And Forbes has reported that by 2025 they will be 75% of our workforce. Like it or not, this generation is becoming increasingly more critical to the success [...]

Lands’ End of a Very Short Chapter

According to the 2010 census, Dodgeville, Wisconsin had 4,693 residents. Aside from farming, Dodgeville's main industry is the corporate headquarters of Lands' End with approximately 6,000 employees. Full disclosure, I am a big fan of Lands' End products. They are uncomplicated, generally unembellished and very functional. Recently Fortune magazine said the company is known for [...]

Create a Continuous Learning Culture on Your Board, Today!

The board of directors knows everything. Or do they? By virtue of their stature and prominence both within a corporation and outside, there is a somewhat unspoken belief that directors on a board already have all the experience and knowledge that they need. But in today’s hyper-evolving and hyper-competitive business environment this is no longer [...]

Disney’s CEO Succession: Timing Can be Everything!

Only 27% of directors said their company “had adequate bench strength of insiders in its CEO talent pipeline,” according to PwC’s 2015 Corporate Directors Survey. The Walt Disney Company used to be one of these. Until April of this year, Disney seemed to have an internal successor in place to take over from CEO Bob [...]

Medical Leave: A Monkey Wrench in the Succession-Planning Process

Originally published in SmartCEO.com. What do the CEOs of Overstock.com, Level 3 Communications and Valeant Pharmaceuticals all have in common? In the past year, they have all taken a medical leave. While their medical problems are different and unquestionably unfortunate, the impact on their companies could be far-reaching and, if not handled properly, devastating. The [...]

Board Succession Planning – 10 Winning Steps

By: Denise Kuprionis & Patricia Lenkov Quick, name the most important duty of a board of directors. Choosing the CEO? Monitoring and evaluating his performance? CEO succession planning? Setting strategy? Overseeing company performance? These are the key items that usually come to a director's mind when thinking about carrying-out her fiduciary responsibilities. However, there is [...]

Lessons on Succession Planning from Yahoo’s Revolving Door of CEOs

Originally published by smartCEO.com When Marissa Mayer was named CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, her appointment was major news for the beleaguered company, which was hoping for a turnaround. Fast forward to today, and after a variety of fits and starts, it turns out Yahoo lost 30 percent of its value last year, as [...]

When Plan B is Not Enough: Some Lessons from the United Airlines CEO Succession(s)

Originally published in SmartCEO magazine. In the annals of business folklore, there is an oft-used quote from the revered former CEO of GE, Jack Welch: “From now on, [choosing my successor] is the most important decision I’ll make. It occupies a considerable amount of thought almost every day.” The clincher here is that he said [...]

Slacking at the Office: Managers Heed these Multi-Generational Nuances

There are many characteristics of work that are generation-dependent. For example, Baby Boomers came of age when the very concept of work meant an office, factory, or other physical locale. Communication was by telephone and meetings generally took place when everyone could participate from the same room. Today, while this may be familiar, it is [...]

Diversity 5.0 – LGBT in the Boardroom

The business case for diversity in the boardroom has been made time and again. Companies and organizations have slowly and sometimes painfully come to realize that their boards should be reflective of their stakeholders. And these stakeholders, whether they be investors, employees or customers, are unquestionably diverse in any of a variety of ways. The [...]