Womenomics: 10 Reasons Why We Need More Women on Boards

I wrote this back in 2011 but it is as relevant and timely today as it was then: 1. Your stakeholders, including employees, investors and customers include women. How better to understand these constituencies than by representing them at the top of the organization? 2. Having women in the boardroom sends the message that the [...]

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your “Likeability”

In our hypercompetitive work place we so often speak about qualifications, accomplishments, skills and experience as the leading contributors to success. And while these are, of course, extremely important and cannot be refuted, it is perhaps likeability or the ability to be readily or easily liked that is in fact the key to the kingdom. [...]

Elemental and Very Essential Boardroom Manners

Emily Post is one of the best known experts on etiquette and manners. But there are countless others providing advice on how to behave. There are trainings, books and a myriad of articles on business etiquette, social etiquette and manners of all types. This guidance tends however, to end outside the boardroom doors. Perhaps, we [...]

10 Key Questions to ask Your Executive Recruiter

You are ready to get started. There is a position that is open, the requirements have been established and you are about to hire what you feel is the ideal Executive Recruiter to conduct the perfect search. Full steam ahead right? Wrong. A pause to ask and get answers to the following Recruiter questions will [...]

The Corporate Governance Climate in 2015

In the ever-changing and always dynamic world of corporate governance it can be challenging to keep up with the trends and developments when not focused on these matters full-time. Post corporate implosions of the past 10 years and the subsequent regulatory changes and demands on continuous improvement and increased transparency in the boardroom have heightened [...]

Living in a Twitter World (aka The Art of Brevity)

While you may love or even hate Twitter, the fact of the matter is, the site has over 288 million users as reported in the Wall Street Journal this month. For a company that was not around 10 years ago, this is fairly astonishing. There are 500 million Tweets sent per day and 77% of [...]

Executive Recruiter Misteps and Stumbles!

Ah, the joys of being an Executive Recruiter. Part of a profession with no credentialing process, low barriers to entry and nicknamed “Headhunter” which is otherwise associated with shrunken heads and decapitation! But, do not mistake the indefinite nature of this profession with a lack of rules, guidelines and very precise conventions of behavior. Just [...]

5 of the Most Common Mistakes Candidates Make When Working with a Recruiter

Searching for a job is never easy. The process requires strategy, patience and a whole lot of attention to detail. In addition to a stellar resume, in our online world you must manage your various social media accounts and online perception and reputation. Add to this the oftentimes necessity of working with a recruiter who [...]

Diversity of a Different Persuasion

Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes and has been and continues to be the subject of much debate in business communities across the globe. As an Executive Recruiter I have been asked to identify candidates who are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, gender and even geography. One type of diversity that has more [...]

7 Reasons to Become a Board Director

There are probably many more than seven reasons to become a board director but here are some of my primary thoughts. These come about as a result of a presentation I gave several months ago to the alumni of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. If you were previously considering board service but unsure, this should [...]