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Last week announced surprising growth in earnings for its first quarter on stronger than expected sales. Net sales increased by 18% over last year’s first quarter and net income increased an impressive 24%. Can we start calling the company Does the company’s board of directors have any role in these better than expected [...] 2018-05-09T01:22:09+00:00

To Manage or Not to Manage?

The indistinct line between managing and operating versus planning and strategy as it relates to the boardroom and board director behavior is in need of real examination. For years corporate governance writing and thinking has been consumed with its aversion to micromanagement on the part of board directors. The flow of information has been analyzed [...]

To Manage or Not to Manage? 2018-05-09T01:22:10+00:00

The Rationale for Increased HR Representation on Boards…

As the economy continues to languish, the compensation of CEOs and other senior executives remain under scrutiny. The most recent outcry surrounded the distribution of $165 million in bonuses or as they have been generously called, “retention payments” to AIG employees after the company received $182 billion in federal aid. While the glaring outcry in [...]

The Rationale for Increased HR Representation on Boards… 2009-04-09T20:21:25+00:00

Conflict and the Current Governance Dilemmas

Interestingly, whenever conflict is mentioned as it relates to business or more specifically the corporate boardroom it is always in the context of conflict resolution. It seems to be taken for granted that conflict is undesirable and resolution is always the goal. Perhaps instead of universally determining that conflict is objectionable, conflict be calibrated so [...]

Conflict and the Current Governance Dilemmas 2018-05-09T01:22:12+00:00

The Board Director Vetting Process

It is quite commonplace to discuss the vetting process for potential employees at all levels and in all types of organizations. The formula is simple enough and quite consistent: a resume is submitted followed by a telephone conversation and then a face to face interview ensues. This can be followed by several additional face to [...]

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Is Director Independence Enough?

The Merriman-Webster dictionary defines “independent” as: not subject to control by others, not looking to others for ones opinions or for guidance in conduct, and so on. The NYSE and NASDAQ have a slightly different definition of independence as it relates to Directors and Boards. To simplify, the NYSE says that a Director is independent [...]

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