Becoming a Board Director – A Game Plan!

          There are so many questions about how to attain the elusive and often seemingly unattainable corporate board role. After years of individual conversations providing such advice and numerous public presentations on the topic, I herein offer you 7 suggestions. These come as a result of my 18 years recruiting board [...]

Hiring in the Age of Social Media

Social media has changed everything! Human beings have been communicating since the beginning of time and with the advent of the Internet and more recently social media tools, the basics of human interaction have been altered forever. Does this sound a bit grandiose? That’s because it is. According to the 2013 Digital Marketing Report published [...]

Executive Recruiter Misteps and Stumbles!

Ah, the joys of being an Executive Recruiter. Part of a profession with no credentialing process, low barriers to entry and nicknamed “Headhunter” which is otherwise associated with shrunken heads and decapitation! But, do not mistake the indefinite nature of this profession with a lack of rules, guidelines and very precise conventions of behavior. Just [...]

5 of the Most Common Mistakes Candidates Make When Working with a Recruiter

Searching for a job is never easy. The process requires strategy, patience and a whole lot of attention to detail. In addition to a stellar resume, in our online world you must manage your various social media accounts and online perception and reputation. Add to this the oftentimes necessity of working with a recruiter who [...]

7 Reasons to Become a Board Director

There are probably many more than seven reasons to become a board director but here are some of my primary thoughts. These come about as a result of a presentation I gave several months ago to the alumni of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. If you were previously considering board service but unsure, this should [...]

The Unfortunately All-Too-Frequent Resume Bluff

Last week I was a guest on a business radio program. The focus of this hour long broadcast was "Resume Fraud." Resume fraud may sound a bit harsh so feel free to replace fraud with any of the following: embellishment, exaggeration, deception, distortion, fabrication, misrepresentation etc. You get the picture! Any way you refer to [...]

Staying Complaint as Compliance Moves Out of the Office (and Into the Bar)

Thanks at least in part to the banking scandals over the past few years, Reuters has recently reported that bank compliance teams are increasingly scrutinizing outside the office activities like social outings to bars and the like. In fact, Reuters reported that some banks in Europe are even requiring their employees to take part in [...]

LinkedIn 101

As of March 2012 there were 161 million members on LinkedIn. The site counts executives from all Fortune 500 companies as members and it is the 36th most visited web site in the world. So, in case you have been avoiding it, perhaps it is time to join the fray! As an Executive Recruiter, LinkedIn [...]

Onboarding for Novices!

The fast-paced corporate environment and global marketplace of the 21st century has shortened the honeymoon period for newly hired C-level executives. After conducting an exhaustive executive search, multiple interviews and extensive 360 degree referencing, the recruiting process is usually considered over. But even in the best of circumstances, this is in fact only the beginning [...]

The Over-50 Job Search

Looking for a new job is never easy. This is particularly true given the business climate of the past few years. Add to this a more mature worker and the process can be fraught with many challenges. But as retirement age gradually increases so does the number of people looking for a new job later [...]