Who’s Getting in? A Simple Look at Recent Female Director Appointments

Originally published December 2014 Gender diversity is clearly an important topic in the corporate governance arena. I would even venture to say that never before has the issue of women in the boardroom or the lack thereof been more focused on. We are no longer discussing whether gender diversity makes sense or is desirable, this [...]

Is the Needle Moving for Women on Boards in the U.S.? A Quick Look at Actions and Initiatives

By: Christiane Neumayer Gender diversity in the boardroom continues to garner attention. But what do the actual numbers look like? For all Fortune 1000, the number of women on boards has increased to 17.9% in 2015 from 14.6% in 2011 - an annual percentage increase of 0.8%. The Fortune 100 increased to 22.3% [...]

Succession Planning for Everyone (Almost!)

Sadly, in late May we learned of the sudden death of Ed Gilligan, President of American Express. Gilligan spent his entire business career at American Express and was considered the likely successor to CEO, Ken Chenault. Also in May, David Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey and husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg died very unexpectedly when he fell while exercising [...]

Undeniable Signs that Your Board May be Entrenched

  In most boardrooms there is a delicate balance between long-serving directors, with their correspondent institutional knowledge and the fresh perspective that naturally comes with an infusion of new talent. The appropriate length of service for corporate board directors is being hotly debated these days. There is fervent focus on long serving directors. The [...]

Overqualified Job Seekers: Smart Strategies for Success

  In most cases, we are interested in and apply for jobs that we are at least somewhat qualified for. There may be stretch positions that bring us to the next level in our careers and those that we only hope to aspire to one day in the future. Nevertheless it is quite natural to [...]

Advisory Boards – The When, Why and How

Pop quiz: what is the difference between a board of directors and an advisory board? If you are not sure of the answer, do not worry as you are in the majority. While corporate boards of directors are a newsworthy topic, boards of advisors are often overlooked. Globally, corporate boards serve as fodder for speculation, [...]

Leading Millennials and Beyond!

I admit it, I am a Baby Boomer. Part of the cohort of people born post-World War II. Subsequent to the Boomers came Generation X, Y, and then the Millennials. Depending on the source, Generation Y are sometimes referred to as Millennials as well. According to The White House, Millennials are the cohort of Americans [...]