Onboarding for Novices!

The fast-paced corporate environment and global marketplace of the 21st century has shortened the honeymoon period for newly hired C-level executives. After conducting an exhaustive executive search, multiple interviews and extensive 360 degree referencing, the recruiting process is usually considered over. But even in the best of circumstances, this is in fact only the beginning [...]

Passed Over for a Promotion? The Best Path Forward for Disappointed Employees and Organizations

“Sorry, we decided to hire someone from the outside for this position.” Chances are if you have been in the workforce for a number of years, you have experienced the bitter pill of being passed over for a promotion you thought you had locked up. Once you take the time to cool off and grieve [...]

How Has the Job Search Process Changed? (or Has it!)

Two factors have done more to change the job search process in the last few years than all the business and management wisdom of the previous many decades. What I am referring to, of course, is the Internet and somewhat secondarily the recession. In May 2011 Google welcomed 1 billion unique visitors around the globe. [...]

The Top Ten Take-Aways from the Yale Corporate Governance Forum

On June 16th and 17th Yale University’s Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance hosted its 6th annual Corporate Governance Forum. The theme of this year’s conference was “Governance Fit for the Long Term” and depending on one’s frame of reference this can be taken in any number of ways. Nevertheless the conference was chock [...]

The Impact of Social Media on the Recruiting Business

In an age when social media is increasingly becoming the favored way of connecting people all around the world, the recruiting industry is also looking at different ways to utilize the medium for their own benefit. Indeed, gone were the days when businesses had to stick with the old, time consuming and rather expensive methods [...]

The Culture of A Business: Understanding Whether You Fit In!

Every business has a unique culture and yet in times of high unemployment and slow economic growth culture seems to be a luxury that we cannot afford to pay attention to. Whether or not this is wise, the culture of a business exists and survives even as the business itself may falter. Culture is slow [...]

The Do’s And Don’ts of Recruiting, Developing and Retaining an Excellent Board of Directors!

An experienced, well-trained and well-informed Board of Directors is the lifeblood of every organization whether it be for-profit, non-profit, public or private. The members of the board should play a large role in determining the strategic direction of the organization and of course take the lead in succession planning. Additionally, some of the biggest decisions [...]

Buyer Beware: Sage Advice to Those Considering Their First Board Seat

Women in the boardroom or the lack thereof is a popular topic of conversation in a variety of business circles. The institution of quota systems to increase the number of women directors has been implemented in Norway with success and a number of other countries are discussing adopting the same policy.  There still seems to [...]

No One Wants to Say It…

But appearance is extremely important when interviewing for a job! While interviewing job candidates there are many attributes an Executive Recruiter looks for in addition to qualifications on a resume. That is not to say objective qualifications and accomplishments are not important. They are critical but they are only the beginning. One’s objective credentials are [...]

The Epic of Succession – Part 1

Jack Welch, the acclaimed former CEO of General Electric is famously known to have said: “From now on (choosing my successor) is the most important decision I'll make. It occupies a considerable amount of thought almost every day." Key and central to this notion was the timing of when it was said. This statement was [...]