2018 Forbes List of "America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms"

Tools of the Trade: References

Once in a while I like to digress from my usual writing on corporate governance and examine other topics that are relevant to the field of executive recruiting. Resumes and interviews get a lot of attention but the subject of references is less ubiquitous. As an Executive Recruiter, references are a key element in the [...]

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A Resume is Not Enough!

It seems like only yesterday that a resume was sufficient as a calling card in the job search process. A job seeker created a timetable of work history including accomplishments, educational background, hobbies, interests and even languages spoken. This was subsequently printed (or not that long ago…typed) and (e)mailed appropriately. This document served to describe [...]

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Duty of Care; Duty of Loyalty

Professor Henry Mintzberg is ranked nine on the "Top 20 Business Thinkers" list of the Wall Street Journal and 16 on the Financial Times' "The Thinkers 50" list. He has been teaching at my alma mater McGill University since 1968 and I recently attended a McGill alumni event during which Mintzberg spoke about his new [...]

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Consider External Recruiting Firms!

Approximately 80 percent of board seats are still filled by friends or associates of directors or the senior corporate officers of the company. Selecting friends and associates to serve on a board may foster collegiality but doing so also raises questions about director independence, director capture and so forth. Director independence is of course of paramount importance [...]

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Advisory Boards 101

  When considering the concept of effective governance in the business world one inevitably thinks about boards of directors. Indeed, in the United States every state does require that corporations have a board of directors. This business structure, when applied correctly, brings much value to all stakeholders and as such has been applied to non-corporate [...]

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Succession planning…yet again! The Apple Case.

I have been following the Steve Jobs’ illness and Apple story ever since it unfolded. There has been much debate about the directors’ culpability in disclosing the severity of his predicament. Should the directors, and Jobs for that matter, have disclosed more details sooner seems to be the major question. According to former SEC Chairman [...]

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Look Before you Leap!

In today’s challenging job market, can we afford to be fussy about a new job opportunity? Should we question what a potential employer tells us? How can we not! In the classic 1967 Holmes & Rahe Scale of Stressors which is referred to authoritatively even today, stressors associated with one’s work occupy seven of the [...]

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Director Recruiting and The Baseball Draft!

There has been a recent upsurge in the amount of online services designed to match potential board directors with seats on a board. On the surface this may seem like a reasonable and economical alternative to the traditional engagement of a Recruiter. However there are inherent limitations in the “all technology” model that become painfully [...]

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