Board Diversity: What are you Waiting For?

The burden of proof has been met. Diverse boards make better decisions and lead to improved company performance. Yet despite the research, validation, prodding by institutional investors and state and city government as well as all types of social and nonprofit organizations, a startling 1805 companies out of 3192 (companies from the Fortune 1000 and [...]

The Other Side of the Equation: Questions you Must ask When Considering a Board Opportunity

Interviewing for a board seat seems like a dream come true for many. It may feel like the capstone of a career marked by regular progression and success. However, this dream can turn out to be a nightmare as not all companies, and hence boards, are unflawed. Our image of the utopian boardroom is just [...]

Risky Business: The Perils of Being a Board Director

The role of corporate board director can be highly desirable. To many it represents the capstone of a career and the ultimate confirmation of achievement and success. We all know that one typically does not become a board director until we have achieved a certain level of accomplishment, esteem and wisdom. And it is precisely because [...]

Why Diversity in Corporate America is More Important Than Ever

I cannot say #Metoo, but since this hashtag started trending several weeks ago, I have asked myself two questions. First, how would I feel if something like this happened to me and secondly, why so many women waited so long to speak up. I don't, of course, pretend to fully understand something that I have [...]

The 3 D’s of Being a Board Director

The role of board director is perhaps as complex and challenging as it is highly desirable. For many it represents the capstone of their career. It is an opportunity to contribute wisdom, knowledge and expertise as well as to learn from other esteemed and accomplished individuals. The position is aspirational albeit not always accessible. This [...]

Board Refreshment: New Paradigms for Board Effectiveness

Board refreshment is trending. For those of us not of the millennial generation (myself included) this simply means that board refreshment is popular, praised and finally becoming mainstream. The reasons for this are numerous. Firstly, diversity in the boardroom has been a so-called “hot topic” for years now. These days we clearly understand that diverse boards [...]

The Role of Introverts in the Boardroom

As the old saying goes, it takes all types to make up the world. However reading the literature about introverts, one can quickly come to the conclusion that they have no place in the boardroom. According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, introverts are seen as reflective and reserved. They feel comfortable being alone and [...]

Cybersecurity & Corporate Boards: Vigilance is Not Enough

Mention cybersecurity these days and reactions vary from concern to all out dismay and anxiety. We are living in an era of extreme technological transformation whether it be due to the emergence of the cloud, increased mobile use, social media, or the growth of the "internet of things" or as it has sometimes called, "the [...]

Four Experts, Many Insights on Diversity and Corporate Governance

Board-Talk is a weekly online live broadcast where I am privileged to converse with expert guests about the topic of diversity and corporate governance. It was conceived because despite the fact that we have long known that diversity in the boardroom is good for business, the rate of change is glacial at best. Our initial [...]

NACD Champions Diversity in the Boardroom

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 13, 2017) — The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the advocate for the profession of directorship, today announced a partnership with MOSH. to live stream a 10-part weekly series called Board-Talk: Diversity and Corporate Governance. Using MOSH.’s unique digital platform, viewers will hear from and engage with experienced directors, investors, and diversity experts each week—in [...]