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11May 2017

Four Experts, Many Insights on Diversity and Corporate Governance

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Board-Talk is a weekly online live broadcast where I am privileged to converse with expert guests about the topic of diversity and corporate governance. It was conceived because despite the fact that we have long known that diversity in the boardroom is good for business, the rate of change is glacial at best. Our initial 10 week series which is [...]

13April 2017

NACD Champions Diversity in the Boardroom

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 13, 2017) — The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the advocate for the profession of directorship, today announced a partnership with MOSH. to live stream a 10-part weekly series called Board-Talk: Diversity and Corporate Governance. Using MOSH.’s unique digital platform, viewers will hear from and engage with experienced directors, investors, and diversity experts each week—in real time. The audience will be [...]

27February 2017

Proxy Advisors ISS and Glass Lewis: Director Overboarding in the Spotlight

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It may shock you to know that in 1974, more than 90 directors served on 5 or more major corporate boards in the U.S. (from Who Killed the Inner Circle? The Decline of the American Corporate Interlock Network, Johan S.G. Chu & Gerald F. Davis. Today the topic of director overboarding is commonly deliberated and focused on. For the uninitiated, [...]

14February 2017

Interviewer Tips: Decoding Non-Verbal Communication

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Job seekers may think that acing an interview is as easy as putting on a pressed shirt, showing up on time and confidently selling themselves and their skills to the interviewer. But while all of the above are important and absolutely a good start that is all they are, a start. There is so much more to the interview, much [...]

4February 2017

Streamline the Hiring Process to Attract the Best Talent

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The need to hire varies from company to company. Maybe your organization is just starting out, and you’re at that exciting point where you are building your dream team. Perhaps you’re expanding, and you’ve recognized that the demand for your product and services is now greater than the output of your current workforce. Or have you just lost a valuable [...]

31January 2017

The 7 Deadly Sins of LinkedIn Profiles

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LinkedIn has unequivocally changed the nature of business relationships. We are now visible and increasingly interconnected. Detailed career information is out there online for anyone and everyone to see. We share specifics of our job responsibilities, reporting relationships and even our personal networks. As a result the practice of recruitment has irrevocably changed as well. For the better. This central [...]