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24May 2016

Medical Leave: A Monkey Wrench in the Succession-Planning Process

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Originally published in What do the CEOs of, Level 3 Communications and Valeant Pharmaceuticals all have in common? In the past year, they have all taken a medical leave. While their medical problems are different and unquestionably unfortunate, the impact on their companies could be far-reaching and, if not handled properly, devastating. The reality of medical leave among [...]

10May 2016

Board Succession Planning – 10 Winning Steps

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By: Denise Kuprionis & Patricia Lenkov Quick, name the most important duty of a board of directors. Choosing the CEO? Monitoring and evaluating his performance? CEO succession planning? Setting strategy? Overseeing company performance? These are the key items that usually come to a director's mind when thinking about carrying-out her fiduciary responsibilities. However, there is another duty that is less [...]

29April 2016

Onboarding for Novices!

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The fast-paced corporate environment and global marketplace of the 21st century has shortened the honeymoon period for newly hired executives. After conducting an exhaustive executive search, multiple interviews and extensive 360 degree referencing, the recruiting process is usually considered over. But even in the best of circumstances, this is in fact only the beginning of ensuring that the organization receives [...]

26April 2016

Is the Needle Moving for Women on Boards in the U.S.? A Quick Look at Actions and Initiatives

By | April 26th, 2016|Categories: Business, Corporate Governance, Leadership|0 Comments

By: Christiane Neumayer Gender diversity in the boardroom continues to garner attention. But what do the actual numbers look like? For all Fortune 1000, the number of women on boards has increased to 17.9% in 2015 from 14.6% in 2011 - an annual percentage increase of 0.8%. The Fortune 100 increased to 22.3% in 2015 from 19.6% in [...]

26April 2016

Becoming a Board Director – A Game Plan!

By | April 26th, 2016|Categories: Business, Corporate Governance, Job search and career strategies|0 Comments

          There are so many questions about how to attain the elusive and often seemingly unattainable corporate board role. After years of individual conversations providing such advice and numerous public presentations on the topic, I herein offer you 7 suggestions. These come as a result of my 18 years recruiting board directors and infinite conversations with [...]

18April 2016

Hiring in the Age of Social Media

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Social media has changed everything! Human beings have been communicating since the beginning of time and with the advent of the Internet and more recently social media tools, the basics of human interaction have been altered forever. Does this sound a bit grandiose? That’s because it is. According to the 2013 Digital Marketing Report published by Experian Marketing Services, Americans [...]