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Patricia is a sought after speaker, giving talks on leadership, diversity and building capacity for excellence at conferences, industry events and board retreats.

She is no stranger to the media. Often being interviewed for outlets like:

  • Business Insider
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chief Executive Magazine
  • CNN Money
  • Directors & Boards Magazine
  • Executive Recruiter News
  • Forbes
  • Forbes Women
  • Fox Business
  • The Globe and Mail
  • IR Magazine
  • Industry Week
  • Money Magazine
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Wired
  • Worth

Speaking Engagements

2018: OnBoard: Demystifying Shareholder Activism: What Opportunities Come With It? (Atlanta, GA)

2018: Shareholder Activism: Unlocking Shareholder Value Conference

2017: Directors & Boards: The Directors Roundtable: Session Leader: An Activist Shareholder Buys In

2017: Financial Executives International (FEI): How to Market Yourself to Land a Board Seat

2017: 2020 Women on Boards – Connecticut – Keynote – Sacred Heart University (Bridgeport, CT)

2017: Global Shareholder Engagement & Activism Summit (Toronto, ON)

2017: Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD) Strategic Retreat: Panelist

2017: Best Practices: Talent Acquisition Webinar. Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE) (Saudi Arabia)

2017: A Woman’s Roadmap to the Boardroom. Women’s Executive Circle and Encore Mark UJA’s Centennial

2016: Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom 2: The Path to Value Creation (Chicago, IL)

2016: FidAR-Forum VIII: Women on Board – Boarding in Europe (Berlin, Germany) (Christiane Neumayer)

2016: Stern School of Business, New York University: Stern Women in Business Conference  (Christiane Neumayer)

2016: Global Board Leaders Summit, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD): Workshop: Landing Your Next Board Seat (Washington, DC)

2016: Association for Talent Development (ATD): Managing for the Future: Millennials and Beyond (Webinar)

2016: Concordia Alumni, Women & Leadership: Corner Officer Conversation: How to Steer Your Career to Boost Your Prospects for Future Corporate Governance Positions.

2016: Darla Moore School of Business – University of South Carolina: International MBA: Guest Lecturer (Columbia, SC)

2016: KPMG/ESCP Europe: Gouverance, Stratégie, Risques et Performance. Femmes Dirigeantes et Administrateurs : La France en Retard? (Paris, France) (Christiane Neumayer)

2015: CMO Council: CMO Summit – CMO Rising: Reshaping the Role; Future-Proofing the CMO: Understanding CMO Requirements and Resources Through the Eyes of Recruiters (Napa, CA)

2015: NYC CFO Leadership Council: Inside and Outside the Boardroom: Managing and Working with Boards.

2015: Global Board Leaders’ Summit, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD): How to Land your Next Board Seat (Washington, DC)

2015: International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS): Inaugural Conference in Copenhagen: How Can We Restore Trust in Business Through Corporate Governance? (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2015: Thomson Reuters Step-Up Summit. An Exclusive Board Development Event for Senior Executive Women.

2015: Inside the Mind of the Investor – Perspectives on Shareholder Activism and Investor Outreach; Toronto Corporate Governance Exchange, Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries

2014: Activist Investors & Boards: An Invaluable Dynamic in Corporate Governance & Strategy (Women in the Boardroom)

2014: Webinar: How to Get a Seat at the Table: A Discussion with Two Board Experts (Women in the Boardroom)

2014: Diversity: A Kick-Start to Better Decision Making,

2014: MIT Sloan School of Management Alumni Association: Why Serve on a Board? (Boston, MA)

2014: Women’s Leadership Forum: How to Become a Corporate Board Director (Philadelphia, PA)

2013: Global Women’s Leadership Summit: Sponsorship and Mentorship for Women

2013: Game On Business Talk Radio: Resume Fraud, The Perfect White Collar Crime

2013: Twitter Chat: The Importance of Sponsorship (rather than Mentorship)

2012: 2020 Women on Boards Panelist

2011: Executive Forum Recruiter Panel (Greenwich, CT)

2011: NYU Stern School of Business – Women on Boards – Moving Towards Greater Gender Balance

2010: Succession Planning Webinar

The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By (The 100 Person Book Series 2)

The Better Business Book is better than your average business book. That’s how we came up with the title. It consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. Patricia Lenkov is a contributing author, read her Chapter starting on page 161.

Patricia in the Press

Male-dominated Governance and #MeToo
Ivey Business Journal January/February 2019
According to the Canadian Board Diversity Council, only 22.6 per cent of all FP500 board seats were held by women in 2017.

From Wynn Resorts to Lululemon, 2018 was the year of #MeToo mea culpa
CNBC Markets 3 January 2019
The #MeToo movement that started 2018 forced companies across the U.S. to deal publicly with the historically private issue of sexual harassment.

Many people think you have to be wealthy and have decades of work experience to join a board. You don’t.
Moneyish 19 September 2018
Get on board with getting on a board.

Activist investor wants to replace entire Campbell Soup board
CNN Money 7 September 2018
The fight over Campbell Soup’s future is heating up.

Stupid job search mistakes that smart people make
Monster 30 August 2018
It doesn’t take a genius to see how easily these seven mistakes can sabotage your efforts.

The Why, When And How Of Board Refreshment
Forbes 28 August 2018
The composition of the board must reflect the company’s current strategy. Strategy evolves and as such, so must the board. As more begin to appreciate this simple concept, the complexity of executing on it will seem well worth the challenge.

Q&A: Patricia Lenkov
Worth 27 August 2018
The founder of Agility Executive Search on board recruiting, corporate governance and why women make corporate boards function better.

Intel Has a Shot at Boosting Diversity — in the CEO’s Office
Industry Week 25 July 2018
Three women are in strong contention to replace ousted Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Networking Tips for Those Who Seriously Dislike Networking
The Story Exchange 18 July 2018
How do you network if you’re an introvert, or simply quiet and reserved? Patricia Lenkov of Agility Executive Search has the answer.

Intel’s CEO Krzanich Resigns: A warning for boards
Gartner Talent Daily 22 June 2018
It turns out executives aren’t always forthcoming when it comes to their personal indiscretions.

It’s time for corporate boards to tackle #MeToo
CNN Money 18 June 2018
Even at the very top of American business, people hesitate to openly discuss sexual harassment.

Boards (and CHROs) Have a Role in Fighting Sexual Harassment and Cultures of Impunity
Gartner Talent Daily 15 June 2018
Workplace sexual harassment may be committed by individuals, but if and when harassers feel able to freely engage in misconduct without fear of being caught or punished, that’s a problem for the whole organization.

Bringing Lessons From #MeToo to the BoardroomGender Disparity Still Characterizes Multifamily Leadership
MIT Sloan Management Review 5 June 2018
Boards need to be proactive in shaping a corporate culture that does not tolerate sexual harassment.

Gender Disparity Still Characterizes Multifamily Leadership
MFE 23 May 2018
Diversity initiatives move the needle for women and minorities in the apartment industry’s strategic hierarchy, but most firms have a long way to go.

Unemployment Rate Remains at 18-Year Low
Hunt Scanlon Media 6 April 2018
The unemployment rate remains at a record low, but employers fail to meet expectations for March. Let’s go inside the latest jobs report as leading executive recruiters weigh in.

Activism 2018 — Is Shareholder Engagement Changing?
Forbes 1 February 2018
Board members and executives should make an honest attempt to understand their shareholders’ interests and concerns, and that means communicating with them.

Activist Directors — Investors Seek New Governance Oversight
Forbes 19 September 2017
Companies that perform sub-optimally may gain the attention of activist investors, who are seeking to reconstitute the current board with new, improved directors.

Elon Musk Has Better Things To Do Than Run Tesla
Wired 29 July 2017
With the Model 3 finally rolling out of a bustling factory and Tesla poised to take its place among mainstream automakers, perhaps the time has come for Elon Musk to step aside from the day-today of building cars.

Finding new Uber CEO is renowned recruiter’s toughest job yet
San Francisco Chronicle 6 July 2017
Thompson indicated that he will conduct a broad search and will consider people of different ages and industry experience. In particular, he believes that technology firms tend to overlook older, retired executives.

8 Ways To Make a Great First Impression During A Job Interview
Fast Company 22 June 2017
Forming a first impression of someone takes seconds, and that can feel impossible to nail when you’re in a job interview

Taking a bite of the Big Apple
Concordia University 4 May 2017
Wall Street, Broadway, the United Nations and more have enticed nearly 1,000 grads to the New York City region. We introduce you to five alumni who have succeeded in making it there.

Wells Fargo directors: Don’t blame us. Blame former execs, CEO
San Francisco Chronicle 11 April 2017
Perhaps the only shocking thing about the results from the Wells Fargo board of directors’ investigation into company fraud is how utterly unshocking it was.

The S&P 500 Companies With the Most Diverse Boards
TheStreet 7 February 2017
Here’s a look at the most diverse boards across the S&P 500

How to stand out in a group interview
New York Post 6 February 2017
Although group interviews may seem overwhelming, they hold some definite advantages.

Why You Haven’t Landed A Seat On The Board
Forbes 5 October 2016
Being invited to serve on a board is a coveted position. It requires thought and planning to become a valued member of any board. It’s not enough to assume that you’re qualified and ready.

Wells Fargo Chief Faces Congress Again Under Mounting Pressure
Fortune 28 September 2016
Wells Fargo ‘s Chief Executive John Stumpf returns to Capitol Hill on Thursday with his job still under threat and the bank facing rising political pressure over a sales scandal that has become a major issue in Washington and on Wall Street.

LGBT in the boardroom
Ethical Boardroom 20 May 2016
The case for diversity in corporate boardrooms has been made. Businesses actually benefit when they embrace diversity. Not because it is socially acceptable or the politically correct thing to do, but because it generates positive financial results.

Name check: How important are references on your resume?
Chicago Tribune 6 May 2016
If you were to do a search for one of the most commonly used phrases on today’s resumes, you’d probably begin and end with “References available upon request.”

Succession: Only 22% of IRgA Members Have a Plan
IRgA Today 20 April 2016
So how does succession planning happen? Here are tips from three experts.

Gouvernance d’entreprise : comment assurer la relève ?
L’Équation de la Confiance 20 April 2016
Pour répondre au mieux aux objectifs de l’entreprise, la composition du board doit être en permanence réévaluée et reconsidérée.

10 Integral Pieces to Succession Planning
Directors & Boards 14 March 2016
Charting your process.

7 Interview Questions That Can Help You Land Your Dream Job
Fast Company 17 November 2015
This is an opportunity to both do some sleuthing about your prospective employer and showcase your own skills and thinking, she says. If you’re truly stumped, have these seven questions in mind for your next interview.

Human Resources Departments Must Master Digital Recruitment
Skilled Up For Companies 23 June 2015
While the future of recruiting is yet unknown for the human resource industry, what is presently certain is a company must be worth working for when top talent types its name into Google, so be as good as the talent you seek.

Gender Diversity: Moving from the why to the how
Ethical Boardroom Summer 2015
There are ways to improve gender balance in boardrooms without using quotas.

How to Retain Top Performers at Your Small Business
Bank of America – Small Business Community 10 June 2015
What you can do to help retain your best workers—and keep them loyal and fulfilled.

6 Ways CEOs Can Be Prepared When Activist Investors Strike
Chief Executive 20 February 2015
6 ways CEOs can prepare and protect themselves and their companies when activist stockholders begin sniffing around.

Jill Abramson firing points up strength of glass ceiling
SF Gate  16 May 2014
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

Apple pledges to broaden diversity in the boardroom
Inside Counsel Magazine  9 January 2014
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

Developments Regarding Gender Diversity on Public Boards
Harvard Law School Forum  12 November 2013
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

Urban Outfitters names CEO’s wife to board to quiet diversity demands
Corporate Secretary  30 May 2013
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

Multiple Directorships: To Be or Not To Be?
CEO Magazine  
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

Think Different? Real diversity means getting past groupthink.
The Conference Board Review  Summer 2012
Diversity was never supposed to be limited to skin color, gender, or ethnicity. It also promised to help generate a broader range of thoughts, opinions, and perspectives—and help overcome the curse of groupthink.

Best Buy opening up its CEO search
Star Tribune20 April 2012
The Richfield-based retailer’s new commitment to transparency will help it recruit a world-class leader, experts say.

RIM Goes for Broke
TechNewsWorld  30 March 2012
RIM‘s new CEO Thorsten Heins is taking a big risk in dumping many of the company‘s executives, and that dramatic action alone isn‘t likely to turn the company around.

Take a career risk in turbulent times
The Globe and Mail  27 January 2012
Deciding when to make a career move can be one of those difficult questions that keeps even the most steel–nerved executive awake at night.

RIM’s Heins: Change Investors Can Believe In?
TechNewsWorld  24 January 2012
Are RIM‘s investors impossible to please, or has the company added yet another monumental mistake to the chain of missteps that have led it to the brink of disaster?

Why women need to step up to the microphone
The Globe and Mail  28 October 2011
“Does this speech make my butt look fat?” A new book, The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best, starts with that line and, after my initial laugh, I realized it really struck a chord.

7 Mistakes People Make When Working With Headhunters
Business Insider  12 October 2011
If you’re looking to switch jobs, it’s smart to go through a headhunter or recruiter. These people often have access to jobs that aren’t advertised and can speed up the hiring process.

Clichés to ditch on the job hunt
The Globe and Mail  22 September 2011
Meet John: An Innovative, Motivated Problem Solver with Extensive Experience, John is a Dynamic, Results-Oriented Team Player with a Proven Track Record in Fast-Paced Entrepreneurial positions. Sound like a promising job candidate? Or a walking cliché?

How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers
Woman’s Day  19 August 2011
No matter how lovely most of your coworkers are, there are always a few personality types that tend to bring down office morale. But you don’t have to let Mrs. Stress-y Pants or The “No” Man make your nine-to-five life miserable. Below, our experts’ tips on how to deal with the most annoying workplace dispositions in order to have a less stressful work day.

Financial Post: Headhunters Reveal 11 Ways To Ruin Your Chances Of Getting A Job
Financial Post  24 June 2011
It’s no secret that working with a headhunter or recruiter can be an effective way to advance your career. Headhunters often have access to jobs that are not advertised elsewhere and can speed up the hiring process between an employer and potential candidate. The trick, however, is understanding how a headhunter operates.

Job hunt calls for details, not phone contact
Chicago Tribune  24 June 2011
You’ve likely seen the usual closing line on an online job posting: “No phone calls, please.” But how important is it to abide by potential employers’ requests not to call about, or even show up in person for, a job opening? How else is one to stand out in a sea of electronic applicants?

A Real Crying Shame
Chicago Tribune  18 May 2011
Do tears in workplace work more against women than men?

7 Things Not to Say During a Job Interview
Fox Business  18 March 2011
When interviewing for a job, we all want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes we end up putting it in our mouths instead.

Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job
ForbesWoman  17 March 2011
Unhappy at your job but not sure if it’s the right time to leave? You’re not alone.

Does your resume make you look old?
Money Magazine  25 February 2011
Been applying for work and have little to show for it? Don’t assume the lousy job market is solely to blame. Your résumé could be working against you as well.

Social Media Networking: Quick Tips for Busy Directors  First Quarter 2011
Chances are, you’ve heard a great deal about social media. But if you haven’t gotten online and joined the conversation, you may be falling behind professionally, not just technologically.

Jamie Dimon Eyes The Door
Business Insider  17 December 2010
Jamie Dimon is approaching an important milestone leading JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and it may suggest the time to move could come in 2011.

Buffett’s chosen one
Canadian Business  6 December 2010
Nobody’s heard of Todd Combs. How did he become Buffett’s heir apparent?

Fifth Third takes away president’s role leading board meetings
Daily Herald  21 June 2010
Fifth Third Bancorp, Ohio’s largest bank, revised bylaws to put its independent lead director in charge of board meetings when the chairman is absent, a role previously filled by the lender’s president.

TARP boards have yet to demonstrate independence
CFO Zone  22 March 2010
While banks and other companies that have been bailed out by taxpayers have taken some significant steps to change their governance practices, they still have a considerable way to go, experts say.

Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job
ForbesWoman  8 February 2010
On paper you’re the perfect candidate for the position. So what happened at the interview?

Tweets (And More) Of The Week: Board Gender Quotas
ForbesWoman Community  23 January 2010
Some readers say a law feminizing corporate boards is the best path to equality; others oppose quotas as a matter of pride.

How Global Is Your Senior Team?
Chief  21 January 2010
If more and more of your revenue and profits are coming from outside the U.S., should the composition of your top team reflect this?

Career Smart Advisor Strategies & Solutions for Your Career Success
ExecuNet  23 November 2009
As the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaches, it’s the perfect time to be thankful for what we have, both in our personal lives as well as our professional ones, while at the same time finding new things for which to be thankful.

The Growth of Family-Centered Care
AMN Healthcare  4 November 2009
More and more facilities are discovering family-centered care appeals to health consumers and can improve outcomes.

Who can fill the CEO seat?
The Boston Globe  9 October 2009
With Bank of America under scrutiny, some say new leader should come from outside the company.

Work & Family mailbox
The Wall Street Journal  16 September 2009
Q: I appreciated your recent column on at-home parents returning to the work force. I too am an at-home mom trying to find a full-time job, but I face the added burden of being well into my 50s. My age seems immediately to disqualify me for jobs for which I believe I am well-qualified. Any advice? —K.H., Minneapolis

Career Smart Advisor Strategies & Solutions for Your Career Success
ExecuNet  14 September 2009
When you spend so much time during a job search to find the best possible career opportunity, you want to be sure that your efforts lead you to a fulfilling long-term position.

Getting From At-Home to On-the-Job, Even Now
The Wall Street Journal  29 July 2009
When a mothers’ group huddled on Laurie Witt’s screened porch last summer over sandwiches and iced tea, they wanted more than leisurely chit-chat.

High-profiles CEO illnesses kept under wraps prompt debate
Executive Recruiter News  May 2009
Much rides on whether or not a chief executive officer is fit to serve, and his or her health is one important criterion that determines this.

Target board battle: What’s it mean for the rest of us?  27 May 2009
The results of Target’s contested board of directors election will be announced Thursday at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, but what does this internal battle mean for the rest of us who don’t sit on the board or own Target stock?