Proud to have been included on the 2018 Forbes List of "America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms" and Hunt Scanlon “New York Power 60” List
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Smart, nimble and cost-effective

Our analysis is strategic, thorough, tailored to client requirements and measured by milestones we arrive at collaboratively. We look at candidates through a lens that is both historical, to measure capacity and achievement, and future-oriented, to best gauge potential and anticipate contribution.

To bring you the best for your board, we apply our own proprietary questioning techniques developed over 18 years of board recruiting. Before you interview them, we already have. We believe that what they know trumps who they know.

We aren’t constrained by one-size-fits-all, and if advantageous, can offer clients unbundled services to allow customization, flexibility and greater return on investment. The objective is enabling you to retain us for just what you need, rather than a pre-conceived package we’d like to sell you. We refuse to be bogged-down by the way it’s always been done, and blend best-practices with little is off-limits innovation.

Unrivaled Executive Search

Agility’s Executive Search advantage is reflected in an acclaimed, client-centered search protocol that grows shareholder value, by delivering talent that exceeds expectations. Our process is inclusive rather than exclusive, and poised to recruit wherever you want us, with very narrow restrictions. In every case, executed confidentially at the highest professional standards. Agility clients count on unequalled responsiveness and transparency and get it.

One-of-a-Kind Board Search

A core strength is our deep understanding of the adverse impact of inadequate corporate governance that erodes profitability and ultimately the value of companies. Our board recruiting process looks for talent that has delivered substantive results and sees beyond dizzying activity. We’re creatively nimble but disciplined and laser-focused, seeking remarkable executives that are infinitely qualified as well as available and enthusiastic. Your board candidates will fit your culture and be pre-screened before you even hear about them.

Diversity is more than a Buzzword

We have extensive experience recruiting women to board positions, and draw upon deep and proprietary access to qualified board ready female candidates that are referred to us regularly. Our founder is involved with several of the leading and trail-blazing women executive organizations and regularly speaks publically on the topic, and is passionately committed to the belief that talent is blind to race, creed and gender.

The Agility Advantage Defined

Our ‘little is off-limits’ approach recognizes that your best candidate may come from outside your industry, and to us, a fresh, open-eyed, and generalist approach is only common sense.

Recently Completed Searches

Chief Revenue Officer, Retail Kiosk Company

Non-Executive Director(3), Dental Insurance Company

Non-Executive Director(2), Stock Exchange

Non Executive Director (5), Senior Living Company

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Consumer Products Company

Non-Executive Director, Oil & Gas Company

We’ll ask you the right questions

to fully understand what you envision

Help you ask the right questions

to ensure the right fit

Expect transparency in the process

to understand what we do and why

Defined milestones and deliverables

we’ll answer the ‘what ifs’ up front

Our guarantee is unparalleled

we stand behind our work – always